New Brunswick Properties

Vision Lithium Inc. has acquired a 100% undivided interest in the Red Brook, Epithermal and Benjamin mineral exploration properties from 9248-7792 Quebec Inc. (“9248”) and Prospect Or Corp. (“POC”). The three contiguous Properties comprise 17 mineral claims covering 4,760 hectares (47.6 km2) located approximately 60 km West of the mining centre of Bathurst in Northern New Brunswick.

The Properties are located west of the Bathurst VMS District. A sequence of Ordovician and Silurian supracrustal rocks is intruded by Middle Devonian Granodiorite as well as other Siluro-Devonian felsic intrusions with which porphyry, skarn and other mineralization is genetically and spatially related. Similar Cu porphyry-base metal skarn related mineralization occurs at Gaspé-Needle Mountain porphyry copper deposit and at the Company’s Dome Lemieux property associated with Devonian intrusives in the Gaspésie region of Quebec.

Red Brook Property

 Following the discovery by prospectors of rocks with a high zinc content of up to 13%, a large stripping program was completed on two highly altered zones (A and B). Zone “A” returned values of up to 15% Zn as well as gold and copper values up to 2.62 g/t Au and 0.5% Cu. 

Best Selected Samples from Zone “A” on the Red Brook Property:

Zinc Zone
Zn % Cu % Au g/t
15.05 0.21 0.04
12.10 0.19 0.04
8.79 0.25 0.03
8.20 0.20 <0.01
8.13 0.18 <0.01
7.70 0.17 0,02
7.02 0.17 <0.01
6.98 0.18 0.01
Gold-Copper Zone
Cu % Au g/t Zn %
0.55 0.79 0.02
0.47 0.28 0.02
0.45 0.95 0.02
0.45 0.27 0.06
0.44 2.62 0.01
0.43 0.21 0.01
0.43 0.53 0.02
0.36 1.61 0.01
0.34 0.33 0.01
0.33 0.22 0.07
0.32 0.19 0.03
0.31 0.24 0.01
0.29 0.44 0.01
0.26 0.32 0.01
0.22 0.13 0.02
0.18 0.91 0.00

The stripping and sampling of zone “B” also returned anomalous values of up to 0.33 g/t Au and 0.48% Cu. Subsequent to this work, Rio Tinto optioned the Red Brook property and adjacent claims in order to evaluate the near surface Copper Porphyry and related Cu-Zn skarn type potential. They completed a large IP survey on the property itself and adjacent claims. The results of the IP survey indicated the presence of high chargeability IP anomalies. The high chargeability anomalies appear to be related to pyrrhotite mineralization, which is ubiquitous in the high-grade lens from zone “A”. The altered areas from zone “A” with values up to 2.62 g/t Au, 0.55% Cu, 15% Zn, all contain massive pyrrhotite.

The high-grade Zone “A” lens on the Red Brook property has never been tested by drilling. The strong chargeability anomalies which extend over more than 4 km have also not been drill tested. Both represent high priority drill targets. Further field exploration, stripping and sampling are also warranted on this property.

IP Survey by RTZ

Epithermal Property

The Epithermal property is located in between and contiguous to both the Red Brook and Benjamin properties. It was staked in 2019 following construction of new forestry access roads. A large outcrop of sericite-altered rhyolite was discovered with apparent breccia textures and quartz veins. A single sample assayed 40 ppb Au, indicating a fertile environment for gold mineralization. The occurrence has no reported prospecting or drilling history. Field work is required to advance this new and exciting prospect.

Benjamin Property

The Benjamin property is located east of the Epithermal property. The property covers approximately 15 sq. km. and is host to a copper-molybdenum porphyry type deposit in intensely altered and fractured granodiorite porphyry, part of a Devonian intrusive complex. Best historical intersections include 218m @ 0.22% Cu, 312m @ 0.12% Cu, 52m @ 0.20% Cu, 10m @ 0.39% Cu and 10m @ 0.30% Cu.

Stratmat first explored the area in 1954, followed by Soquem-Temex in the 1970’s. In the summer of 2019, the Vendors located two old trenches using a Lidar map, and resampled the old trench of hole 7014, as well as the old trench in the South C zone. The trenches exhibit altered and mineralized rocks. The trench along hole 7014 returned values of up to 1.14 g/t Au. The description of the drill hole in the Soquem report describes a 200m hole with mineralized rhyolite, which appears to coincide with the surface rocks found in the trench. Drill holes were not assayed for gold at the time of drilling. The core for several of the historic drill holes is preserved and may be available for resampling and assaying for gold.

The Benjamin property has been recognized as a porphyry copper-moly type. It is near a large granite intrusive. Only a relatively small area near the intrusive has been tested. A thorough prospecting program is recommended along with trenching and sampling and ground IP surveys. In addition, a review of the porphyry deposit is warranted to model the deposit, evaluate its potential at depth and its gold potential. The property warrants a further evaluation for porphyry deposits and contact related skarn deposits and their gold potential.