Val-d’Or, Québec, November 06, 2018 – Vision Lithium Inc. (TSXV: VLI) (OTC: ABEPF) (the “Company” or “VLI”) is pleased to announce the results from its 2018 exploration programs on its 100% owned Sirmac Lithium Property (the “Property” or “Sirmac”). The Sirmac property, acquired from the Company’s largest shareholder, Nemaska Lithium Inc. (TSX: NMX) (“Nemaska”), is located approximately 200 kilometres south of Nemaska’s Whabouchi Lithium Mine and 180 kilometres by road north-west of Chibougamau, Quebec. The Sirmac property consists of 194 mining claims covering approximately 10,350 hectares.

“The newly discovered East Zone is located more than 5 km to the east of the Main Dike on the Sirmac property. The Company applied for stripping and drilling permits after it was discovered by our crews earlier this year. The work was completed between June and September with 22 channels totalling 149.5 metres in length and 112 samples, as well as 5 short drill holes totalling 500 metres that were aimed at understanding the geometry of the dike system”, said Yves Rougerie, President and CEO of Vision Lithium. “We saw significant grades and widths from the channel results. Channels are essentially surface drilling and I am very pleased with the level of mineralization in these channels. This is an exciting area that warrants additional follow up.”

Channel sampling results include:

Channels Zone From (m) To (m) Length (m) Li2O (%)
CL-18-R01 East Zone 1.0 14.5 13.50 1.85
CL-18-R11 East Zone 0.0 11.7 11.70 1.58
incl. 2.6 7.1 4.50 2.37
CL-18-R17 East Zone 0.7 15.3 14.60 1.23
incl. 10.9 15.3 4.40 2.24
CL-18-R07 East Zone 1.8 17.2 15.40 1.05
*CL-18-R18 East Zone 0.0 10.3 10.30 0.86
incl. 6.6 10.3 3.70 1.41
CL-18-R04 East Zone 1.5 7.5 6.00 1.51
CL-18-R15 East Zone 0.0 5.5 5.50 0.89
CL-18-R05 East Zone 4.2 8.7 4.50 1.43
CL-18-R02 East Zone 0.0 3.0 3.00 1.19
CL-18-R06 East Zone 1.5 4.5 3.00 1.34
CL-18-R22 East Zone 0.0 3.0 3.00 0.93
CL-18-R23 East Zone 4.5 7.5 3.00 0.79
CL-18-R24 East Zone 2.9 5.9 3.00 0.61
CL-18-R16 East Zone 0.5 3.4 2.90 1.12
CL-18-R10 East Zone 0.0 2.1 2.10 0.85
CL-18-R03 East Zone 3.0 4.5 1.50 0.63

*Note: CL-18-R18: includes 2.1m @ zero grade due to overburden covered intervals

Diamond drilling core assay results include:

DDH Zone From (m) To (m) Core Length (m) Li2O (%)
CL-18-01 East Zone 0.5 4.7 4.2 0.74
Incl. East Zone 0.5 1.9 1.4 1.51
*CL-18-01 East Zone 0.0 0.5 0.5 NCR
CL-18-02 East Zone 0.8 3.0 2.20 0.63
*CL-18-02 East Zone 0.0 0.8 0.8 NCR
CL-18-03 East Zone 34.3 36.8 2.5 0.84
CL-18-04 East Zone 94.4 99.9 5.5 0.97
CL-18-05 East Zone 42.2 46.7 4.5 0.55
CL-18-05 East Zone 101.9 107.5 5.6 1.36

Note: Both CL-18-01 and CL-18-02 were drilled on mineralized outcrop but the top section was not retrieved for logging and sampling when casing was drilled.

“The East zone is made up of several lithium bearing intrusive dikes which trend northward and dip to the east. The early drilling was targeted immediately below the observable dikes to establish their direction and dip and was done prior to channel sampling. The assay results suggest the East zone has the potential to develop into a significant lithium occurrence that could be advanced in tandem with the Main Dike and possibly other lithium bearing zones on the property. We have only tested a 100metre strike length of the East zone dike swarm and it remains open in all directions. We look forward to additional ground work and drilling on the East zone in the upcoming programs. To that end we are planning a minimum of 5,000 metre drill program on multiple rich targets on the Sirmac property. ”

The Main Dike zone was not drilled during the summer program. Instead, field work followed up on the successful late winter drilling program as well as different mapping and geophysical surveys completed to better understand the geological setting of the intrusive dike system ahead of future drill programs. The drilling program, six years after the previous program, once again demonstrated the potential of the Main Dike to host an economic resource.

Drill core assay results from the Main Dike included:

DDH Zone From (m) To (m) Core Length (m) Li2O  (%) Ta2O5 (ppm)
SIR-12-26-Twin Dike no. 5 2.4 22.2 19.8     1.62 59.7
SIR-12-45-Twin Dike no. 5 13.7 19.7 6.0     1.22 63.6
SIR-12-49-Twin Dike no. 5 30.1 42.1 12.0     1.22 79.2
SIR-12-61-Twin Dike no. 5 4.7 10.7 6.0     1.30 47.2
SIR-12-61-Twin Dike no. 5 25.9 42.0 16.1     0.25 114.3
SIR-12-63-Twin Dike no. 5 13.6 22.6 9.0     1.40 38.8
SIR-18-02 Dike no. 5 1.6 24.0 22.4     1.70 57.4
SIR-18-04 Dike no. 5 22.5 37.2 14.7     1.42 74.1
SIR-18-05 Dike no. 5 3.6 5.1 1.5     1.43 16.0
SIR-18-21 Dike no. 5 22.4 24.8 2.4     0.57 41.1

A number of large dikes are observed in the area of the Main Dike, several of which had been sampled by previous operators for lithium alone. Vision Lithium resampled many of these dikes as well as newly discovered dikes in the general vicinity of the Main Dike and assayed for lithium and 21 other elements. Although no significant lithium assays were returned, the minor elements assay results indicate that these dikes are evolved Lithium Cesium Tantalum (LCT) Pegmatite dikes which have the potential to host significant lithium mineralization. Further work is required on all these dikes, some of which are hundreds of metres long and tens of metres wide.

Metallurgical tests are underway at SGS Lakefield (“SGS”). Outcrop samples and drill core samples from the winter drilling program as well as from the Nemaska drilling program of 2012 were sent to SGS for metallurgical tests in late spring and early summer. The mandate calls for SGS to produce a Li2O concentrate of the highest grade possible. Historical tests achieved concentrate grades above 6% and the Company expects the same results from the current study. Once the results of the concentrate grade are confirmed, Vision Lithium will then mandate SGS to make a battery grade lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate. First results from the tests are expected shortly.

Location of East zone drill holes:

DDH Zone Az Dip Length (m) UTM NAD83  East UTM NAD83 North Elevation
CL-18-01 East 360 -90 51 471,178 5,610,494 423
CL-18-02 East 360 -90 30 471,163 5,610,502 423
CL-18-03 East 250 -45 84 471,281 5,610,528 422
CL-18-04 East 300 -45 201 471,289 5,610,528 421
CL-18-05 East 295 -45 117 471,299 5,610,495 419


The information of scientific or technical information in this release has been reviewed and approved by Yves Rougerie, P.GEO., President and CEO of the Company. Mr. Rougerie is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

All rock samples were sent for preparation and analysis to the ALS Chemex laboratory in Val-d’Or, Quebec. Core samples were sawed in half, with one half being bagged and tagged using barcodes. The samples are typically 1.5 metre samples. The samples were transported to Val d’Or by secure transport and delivered to ALS Chemex. Vision Lithium Inc. applies a rigorous quality control protocol, including the insertion of certified analytical standards, duplicates and blanks and statistical follow-up of the results.

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Vision Lithium Inc. is a junior exploration company focused on exploring and developing high quality battery mineral assets including lithium and copper in safe jurisdictions, primarily Canada. The Company is led by skilled and qualified mineral exploration experts and business professionals with a deep understanding of the lithium battery materials market which is driven by lithium ion batteries. Vision Lithium is committed to discovering new world class assets and bringing these assets to production, starting with its flagship projects the Sirmac Lithium property and the Dome Lemieux copper property, both located in Quebec, Canada. Nemaska Lithium is the largest shareholder of Vision Lithium.

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